Event Vs. Commercial Video Production

July 12, 2016


Live/Event production verses Commercial/Staged video production.  I will be leaving for a couple of live event video set ups later today and I thought I would write a bit about some the differences between the two types of productions.


I mostly do Commercial or Staged video productions here at Aksala Productions.  This consists of lighting, usually one but sometimes multiple talents and then staging the scene and recording them.  There is a certain amount of freedom and creativity involved in it that I enjoy.  You can always tweak the lighting or try a more creative shot.  I suppose the down sides would be that you need a location and one that is relatively quiet...which is hard to find in Oklahoma!  There is always a train or a plane passing by...ALWAYS! :D


However, we do have over 15 years of experience in commercial video production and we can assess, direct, plan, encourage, produce and deliver commercial production.  Including commercials for tv, web delivery, promotional videos and everything in between.


On the Live/Event production side, I do not have the opportunity to work on these as often as I would like to but they are fun to do, if for nothing else than just to add some variety to my work life.  They tend to take me out of state most of the time though.  As a husband of one awesome wife and 4 wonderful daughters, I have to guard my time on this type of work.


Live production can be a little less taxing on the creative side..at least for my usual roll in it.  Although, this gives me some time to relax my mind and I can usually watch and gain a different angle on video production in general...which is always a good thing.


We do not do large and full video production live events at Aksala Productions.  However, if you need these services, you NEED to call Joseph Davis with Streamline Pictures right now.  The Streamline team has been doing live event production for well over 10 years now and have set up for everyone from the NFL to church organizations.   They are professional, talented, and just an awesome group of people who love what they do.


If we can ever be of service to you here at Aksala Productions, please contact us at your convenience.  We would love to be a part of your next video adventure!

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