The Emotional Roller Coaster of a Video Production.

August 2, 2016


When it comes to Video Production, there always seems to be a variety of emotions that take place.  Joy, frustration, patience, stress, etc. Managing these emotions "on-set" is something of an art.  This is where EQ-i (emotional intelligence) becomes very important. Emotions are wonderful and can greatly enhance the production process...I would argue that they are essential to the process...but they do have to be managed.  Much of this comes with time.  Being able to understand, enjoy and benefit from the emotional river of a video production is extremely important.  


Loving what you do greatly helps in managing the emotional side of your job.  It also helps to love roller coasters...AND I DO!  In this line of work, you are constantly fighting shifting hours, an inconsistent schedule, scheduling changes, random eating schedules, long and often odd hours...there is very little consistency in video Production.  There are a lot of factors that, if not managed well, can lead to a really bad Video Production experience.


Aksala Productions is committed to working through the entire production experience with you in a way that will enhance the overall enjoyment of the production.  We can manage and channel the emotions of a video production to enhance the production...not destroy it.


If you are in need of an emotionally intelligent video team, please give us a call.  We love and believe in what we do and we look forward to working with you soon!

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